A Community of Makers... In ONESHOP


ONESHOP operates under the fundamental belief that nested deep in each one of us is a single truth... We are all makers. Since the beginning of time we have been designing and constructing from the art on the cave walls at Lascaux to empires designed by kings. As a community, its our streets that weave us together and our buildings that protect us. ONESHOP favors no craft. The artist and the furniture designer. The seamstress and the architect. At ONESHOP we are all the same because each one of us has something to teach, something to learn and everyone has something to make.


ONESHOP will be different for me than it is for you. I am an architect. I am a boat builder. I am a designer. I have a romantic relationship with software that brings to life the images my mind creates. I am obsessed with technology. I am a developer at heart looking to inspire smart, sophisticated and responsive design in our community one project per year. In ONESHOP I teach what I know, make what I can and learn the rest. What each of us can do by ourselves will never be as great as what we can do as a community when we come together under one roof in ONESHOP.


ONESHOP offers a space in which we can collaborate. An environment where we can learn. A place where we can teach classes. A shop with the tools and equipment needed to bring design to reality. ONESHOP offers the latest in digital fabrication like 3D printing, CNC milling, laser cutting, CNC routing, and CNC plasma cutting. It provides industry leading design software. It contains an art studio and a reprographics room for design iteration and reproduction. We have a woodshop for the traditional builder and the technology for those seeking a new work-flow. Most importantly

ONESHOP provides a place where we can come together as a community to inspire Redding through craft and building.


We learn, make and teach in ONESHOP. Join us now!




All equipment is available for self directed use per membership.


Any Member can teach a seminar of their choosing. 50% of all seminar proceeds will be used by ONESHOP for new equipment.


Services may be requested see below for fees.


All memberships come with tool safety and tool orientation


All Members will wear ear and eye protection and shoes that do not expose your feet.


Upon Purchasing a membership you will be given a membership policy, membership agreement, and a liability waiver. You will also be given a pin code for door access and a tour of the equipment along with a brief safety and basic tool walk-through.



Services Offered

Wood and Metal Shop

Laser Cutting

3D Printing

3-axis Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Routing

5-axis Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Milling

Plasma/Router Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Combo

Digital Design, Animation and Rendering


Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Advanced Modeling and Prototyping

Design Production and Reprographics

Seminars and Training





Modeling/Rendering/Animation Services

$130hr. request quote for discount pricing


Fabrication requests

$130hr. request quote for discount pricing


Products produced by staff

See products page


Pickup or delivery

$.75/mile $30 minimum


Seminars and training provided by ONESHOP

$20 per person


Seminars and training hosted at ONESHOP

(funds buy more equipment)

50% of entrance fee


3D printing filament

(funds buy more filament)




(funds go to print room)

8.5" x 11" B/W


8.5" x 11" Color


13" x 19" B/W


13" x 19" Color


Large Format Plots



Selling products through our website and social media and at ONESHOP.

(funds go to art studio)

20% of the selling price


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